Incubator update, 071911.

The company I ordered a temperature controller from sent me the wrong product.  Now I am waiting an exchange by snail mail.  So to pass the time I made some updates to the incubator.

I decided that the cardboard set-up I had was too crude along the edges and so I switched the material to foam-core board (bought from the dollar tree store for $1 a sheet).  I was able to make much straighter and cleaner lines – which is important for preventing air from escaping.

Picture 1 – The chamber.

It is clear from the picture that the middle does not align tightly.  This is mainly because the 6″ supports I used on each side were sized for cardboard which was thicker than the foam-core board.  Nevertheless I decided to test out how well the rig heats up.

Picture 2 – The heating unit.

I visited the local Home Depot and after dealing with a cashier who had no idea what a hose was, I returned to the lab.  I opted to ghetto rig the hose to the hair-dryer (I’ll need a better solution for long term).

The results?  Very promising!  Despite the presence of small gaps in the front, bottom left, bottom right and rear of the chamber the entire inside heated up very quickly.  Running the hair-dryer on medium settings I got both sides of the chamber to reach around 40-50C each.

What is left to be done:

  • Make new supports for each side of the chamber.
  • Find a way to properly connect the hose to the hair-dryer.
  • Hook up the thermal controller once it arrives.
  • Block off the few gaps in the incubator.
  • Decide if a circulated fan is needed to keep the inside homogenous.

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