3D model – 24 well plate for cell culture

You are probably thinking, “Well hey, this here post has nothing to do with cheapass science!”  and you would be almost right.  I made the 3D model for a 24 well cell culture plate because I wanted to use it as a guide in my design of something that is cheapass science related.

Awhile back I blogged about a crude suction device I fashioned for allowing me to drain 24 well plates more quickly (four wells at a time versus one by one).  Since then (and even before then) I had been dreaming about using a 3D printer to make the object (along with other fun things).  But the reality is that I do not have a spare $1500.  But this money issue won’t hold me back because I recently found out that it is rather inexpensive to get small objects 3D printed in plastic!

To go about making the tool I decided it would be best to create a 3D representation of a plate.  I did this first because it should make it easier for me to plan and visualize the tool I am drawing.  Once I have the tool designed it should be a mere trifling to have a company prototype it for me.

If you are interested in downloading the 3D model for the 24 well plate, go here.


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