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Build a pipette stand from PVC pipe for $3.47+tax

March 18, 2012

Cross-posted here and at Citizen Science Quarterly.

I wanted to purchase a pipette stand but it seemed like such a frivolous purchase. Why should I spend between $20 (eBay) and $60 (venders) to hold my pipettes vertically? As much as I wanted a pretty acrylic stand I just could not pull the trigger and buy one (I’d rather buy DNA ladders). This post will briefly go over how I built a pipette stand out of PVC pipe.

These instructions are for a linear pipette stand. The circular/revolving stands are an annoyance and an example of bad design. If you are suffering through one of the revolving stands I urge you to abandon it for a linear stand.


Saw or PVC cutter – Either work but the PVC cutter is easier to use and costs $10-20.

Marker and Tape measure


(above) All of the supplies needed for the stand.

PVC Pipe

Pipe is usually sold in 10 foot lengths. Most stores will cut it down smaller for free if asked. Some stores even sell shorter segments. Cut the pipe into four 8″ lengths, two 6″ lengths, and six 2″ lengths.

PVC Fittings

Purchase four T-shaped fittings and six right-angle fittings.

Cost breakdown

T-shaped fittings (4) = $0.80

90deg fittings (6) = $1.02

½” pipe (10 feet) = $1.65

Total = $3.47


The construction of the stand is simple. All that has to be done is to cut the pipe and then assemble the structure.

As mentioned in the methods, cut the pipe into four 8″ lengths, two 6″ lengths, and six 2″ lengths.

Next connect the fittings together with all of the 2″ lengths of pipe as shown below.

Now add the 8″ and 6″ lengths of pipe – the stand is now complete.

(above) A view of the stand from the bottom.

(above) Fully assembled stand.

(above) A view of my home-lab with the finished pipette stand.