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iPhone/iPad Lab timer

March 12, 2011

Most science applications for iOS are just repositories for knowledge(i.e. reference material and learning tools).  This is disappointing because these devices could be so much more helpful, especially for lab work.  In my wanton search for programs that could be useful, I stumbled across one such app.

LabTimer by 0x0c.

Tic toc

The program has 4 timers that can be set to act as count-downs or count-ups.  To keep things clear between the timers, the authors made it possible to name each.  At the end of a countdown an alarm will sound regardless of whether LabTimer is open or not – which is great since leaving it open will drain the battery more.

While LabTimer is open, the screen will not go idle or dim.  This is great for both count-ups and countdowns.  Though there is a drawback to leaving the screen on – it places a large load on the battery.  If anyone is intending on using LabTimer heavily, they will want to find a charging cable.